Wedding Video Services

Our StoryA Day to RememberSpecial Moments
Approx. Hours of Coverage Time
9 ttl
5Hrs of Ceremony & Reception
7 ttl
5Hrs of Ceremony & Reception
Camera Coverage222
Scrolling Wedding Invitationyyy
Video animationyyy
Customized Musicyyn
Pre-wedding Interviewy (time permitting)y (time permitting)n
Post-wedding Interviewy (time permitting)y (time permitting)n
Reception Interviewsy (time permitting)y (time permitting)n
Ending Highlight Montageyyn
Intro Photo Montage3015n
Honeymoon Montageynn
Our Story Videoynn
DVDs With Package311

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Additional Package Options

  • Additional hours
  • Additional DVDs
  • Additional photos for intro
  • Reception guest interviews
  • Special wedding highlight
  • Bride’s House pre-wedding film
  • Scrolling wedding credits
  • 2nd videographer (ceremony only)
  • Travel (over 30 miles from Baton Rouge)
  • Additional editing services

Photo Montages

A Photo Montage is a history of those treasured memories that the couple has shared leading up to their special day, e.g, the bride and groom as they grow, the first date, meeting the families, that first wonderful vacation together, sharing birthdays, holidays. This makes a wonderful presentation at the rehearsal dinner. We can create a beautiful montage for you using 50, 75, or 100 of your favorite photos.

Our Story Video

This has been one of our most popular items that I have ever offered to my brides and grooms. Just think of what it would be like to have a video of your mom and dad as a young engaged couple getting ready to embark on their lives and telling the story of how they met, where they went on their first date, what they thought of each other, their dreams of the future, etc… It will tell your story in a touching, emotional and often belly-laughing humorous way. This video can be prepared along with your photo montage for your rehearsal supper at no additional charge. This alone makes this package an exceptional value.

Honeymoon Montage

I have always believed that your wedding experience is not over when you drive away from your reception, and with the honeymoon montage on your video, it doesn’t have to end that way either. Set to twenty animated photos that you provide, your honeymoon will come to life and end what will be the perfect wedding video.

Ending Highlight Montage

This montage is the perfect ending to any wedding video. Over approximately a ten minute period, all of the key moments of your wedding day will be compiled and set to the music of your choosing. It’s the perfect companion if you have someone that was unable to make it to your wedding, but would love to see some of the video of your special day.

Intro Photo Montage

Your video will begin with photos telling the story of your lives, from birth to meeting and through your courtship. It is wonderful addition to every wedding video.

Reception Interviews

Bridesmaids, groomsmen and parents are all gathered to speak and send their special sentiments to the bride and groom. Note: On a time-permitted basis.

Post-Wedding Interview

An opportunity for the bride and groom to thank anyone involved with their special day.

Pre-Wedding Interview

If the bride and groom would like, shortly before the wedding, they can leave each other a special message to be viewed when the video is completed.

Customized Music

All of our videos are set to the backdrop of your favorite love songs. This adds a beautiful and special touch to your wedding video.

Scrolling Wedding Invitation

If an invitation is provided to us, we can add it to your wedding video.

Camera Coverage

Having two cameras for your ceremony adds more of a cinematic look to your video. Note: Two cameras during ceremony only.